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Year Ten Cycling Camp
Results from Auckland
Junior 4x100m Relay - Bronze medal (Teilah-Rose Templeton, Anna Skerrett, Dannika Collins, Emma McColl)
Jessica Senior - Silver medal in Javelin, 5th Discus
Emma McColl - 4th Triple Jump, 7th Long Jump
Emma Hopcroft - 6th Long Jump
Yvonne van Baarle - 7th Long Jump, 7th Javelin, 9th Shot Put
Ariana Te Whata - 9th Hammer Throw, 17th Discus, 19th Shot Put
Anna Skerrett - 6th Shot Put, 11th Triple Jump, 17th Long Jump, 37th 100m
Dannika Collins Wilmshurst - 9th 200m, 12th 100m
Briana Miller - 17th 3000m
Bailey McColl - 18th 3000m, ?? 4km Road Race
Teilah-Rose Templeton - 39th 100m, 46th 200m

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