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Good Luck To All Involved With Tournament Week. .  

Schools' Sing Out 2015
Yr 12 Geography Trip
Secondary School
Squash Championships
Congratulations on 2 nd place!
Katie Fairweather, Kayla Brocks
& Anna Skerrett
Information Evening 2015
 Senior Exams Timetable-click on strawberry

These are very important for your daughter. Not only

will they help her understand where she is at with her

learning for NCEA exams, but they also are necessary

if there is a reason she cannot sit end of year exams.

They will decide her grades if she misses an exam from

illness or family catastrophe. Please encourage your

daughter to set a study timetable and help her to

stick with it. Ensure she has a place to study which

is quiet, cell phone, iPod, computer free...and

remind her that study is not reading over notes.

She needs to be making notes, diagrams, pictures from her school notes.

Ask if you can help by listening to or testing her.

For help in study techniques your daughter can see her tutor teacher, her YLC or her subject teachers. She can also access old exam papers and exemplars online.

Again get her to ask her teachers if she doesn't know how.

“There are no secrets to success.

It is the result of preparation,hard work, learning from failure”. ~ General Colin Powell  



 On 17 September 2015 (Period 2) we will be

holding our first ever ‘Rainbow Run’.

Click on the red shoes for the school notice and view the clip
below which will give you an idea on the type
of event planned.


Thank you Irene van Dyk and Tallpoppy
Real Estate for your coaching session
with our 9A Netball team.
 Year 12&13 -
Colours Colours applications for extra
curricular activities achievements
in sport, debating and performing arts
are now available from the Meeting House.


  Yr 7-13 House Events Thursday

2nd July