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Tuesday 9th is Day 7 on the timetable.
We have introduced academic tutoring at S.G.H.S and this has meant a change in the structure of the day.

School starts at 8.50 am with period 1 and finishes at 3.15 pm each day. 
Open Home  Yr 7

Cambridge Exam Results
Despite contact with Cambridge we have been unable to sort the problemwith results access for students. Results sheets will be given tostudents when they return to school .
If students would like to get their results please email Mrs. Melvin as she has them and will email them individually to you.
Thanks for your patience with this . 
FEMME Auditions for Year 9-13 Students
 These will be held week one.
Click FEMME Logo below start of school year information to get information and book your audition time now.