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Last term the Year 9 students were very lucky to get the opportunity to go to theAdventure Southland Ropes course. It was exciting to mix with girls from other Academic Tutor classes. ABL furthered our team work skills and challenged us to try new things. We did four different rotations such as the Flying Weka, Teamwork course, Rock Climbing and the Big Swing. Last of all, the Climbing wall – we loved them all!! The instructors encouraged and supported us and they made sure everyone had fun. We would like to thank everyone who made the day possible. We are sure that the Year 9’s next year will have as much fun and a great challenging experience like we did. Thanks again from Bijou , Destiny , Shakira, Jessie (9CH). Our class really enjoyed ABL day, it was loads of fun. Here are what some of our class mates have to say.
-Watching people on the swing was disturbing and funny at the same time. -The rock climbing was challenging but fun, we all tried our best at it and all had a crack.
-We built good friendships doing lots of bonding type stuff.
-The instructors helped us a lot when things were getting tough and they pushed us a bit further to achieve our goal. Thanks so much for oganising our day Mr Muir

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