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Selected for an International Science Forum Sophie Cook, in Year 13, is one of six students from New Zealand to be selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum and to visit CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. Sophie will depart for London in July and will spend over three weeks in Europe. While in London, the forum will include lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to research and scientific institutions and world class laboratories and universities. There is also an active social calendar with events designed to learn about the 65 different cultures of the 500 young people attending the forum. On her way to Geneva, Sophie will stay in Paris for two nights, and visit some of the sights. While at CERN in Geneva, Sophie will hear from scientists talking about their work and get to see some of the complex equipment that they use. This is an amazing opportunity for Sophie and is one that she fully deserves through her hard work and academic success. Founded in 1959, LIYSF aims to give a deeper insight into science and its applications for the benefit of all mankind and to develop a greater understanding between young people of all nations

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