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Science Fair ResultsThese are the SGHS prize winners from the 2014 SouthlandScience Fair.·        Shreya & Yuen KI won the Premier ScienceAward & Hands On Science, which gives them both a week at Otago Universityin the holidays. They have also been nominated for Realise the Dream which isthe national Science & Technology Fair.... Read more.
Yr 10 BBQ SuccessCongratulations to Mrs Diack’s year ten social studies classo... Read more.
Yr 9-13 Gigatown Video Competition.Congratulations to the Yr 9/10 Minds Alive Class who came 5th in the National Yr 9-13 Gigatown Vi... Read more.
Talented teen a high achiever Read more.
5 Graduate with Engineering Degrees 5 Former SGHS Girls Graduate as Engineers in 2014At the recen... Read more.
Thursday, 23 Oct 2014
News from SGHS
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