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Bus transport is available to Southland Girls' High School from all local Southland areas and  Invercargill City.


Invercargill Pasenger Transport provides dedicated School Buses to and from School.

Fares are very reasonable and can be accessed at a concession through the "Go Card" available from the Invercargill City Council.

Click HERE to access maps of routes


Country Buses are funded through the Ministry of Education and are available at no cost to students living in country areas where their closest High School is in Invercargill.

The Ministry of Education "Fact Sheets" list rules regarding eligibilty for bus transport and conveyance allowances may be accessed HERE

The maps for the routes of these Country Buses are below. It should be noted that these may sometimes be slightly varied to cater for the needs of students in the local area. These variances are negotiated between the Service Contractor, the Schools and the Ministry of Education and are not necessarily indicated on the Core Route maps.

Most of our country buses serve all Invercargill Secondary Schools.  Eastern routes meet at Onslow Street near Verdon College and students change to their appropriate school Feeder Bus whilst Northern and Western routes converge to a changeover point in Queens Drive adjacent to James Hargest Junior Campus

Bluff.        This is a dedicated Southland Girls' High bus
Otatara    This is a dedicated Southland Girls' High bus

Gorge Rd
Isla Bank
Mable Bush
Makarewa East
Morton Mains/Wyndham 
Myross Bush
New River Ferry
Ryal Bush East
Ryal Bush West
Spar Bush/Wallacetown
West Plains

Winton:   Students pay on this bus to travel from Winton to the Queens Drive changeover point
Fairfax:    Students pay on this bus to travel from Fairfax to the Queens Drive changeover point

Parents of students or prospective students are invited to call Southland Girls' High School at 032116030 if they have questions regarding bus transport.

The Contractor for all Country Buses is McDermott's Coachlines who also may be contacted for details of specific bus runs.